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Unfinity: The First Un-Set to Contain Eternal Legal Cards

Wizards of the Coast has unveiled the first sneak peek on the upcoming fourth Un-Set, to be released April 1, 2022. These fun sets typically feature mechanics that would be impossible to print in a normal expansion, that started with the Unglued set all the way in 1998 as a parody of the original game:

These sets are designed to be a standalone set, and cards came with a silver border that signified that they are only intended for casual play and not legal for tournaments. With Unfinity, this all changes! All cards will have a black border like regular Magic: The Gathering cards, but the cards that would usually have a silver border will now be marked with an “acorn” shaped security stamp:


This is similar to the Universes Beyond cards that are marked with the triangle stamp. Here’s Assembled Ensemble and Killer Cosplay, two cards revealed today that features the acorn stamp:

The most important part of this change, is that Unfinity will also contain cards that feature the regular oval holofoil stamp or do not have any stamps. These cards will be legal for official eternal formats – Commander, Legacy, and Vintage! Whether we will see any powerful cards that may see play is another question, though if the focus is on the fun factor, we may not see anything too competitive in mind.

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