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What is

Here on you will find metagame share percentages and performance of various decks against the field and versus specific decks.

You like to play with a certain deck, check his worse matchups and prepare the sideboard accordingly.

You can also track your own performance through the various formats and use our tools to see what deck you should take for your specific metagame.

If you know the metagame of your local game store or an expected metagame for a big tournament, just check what decks have the best performance against that expected meta and use it.

Is the data up to date?

I will do my best to have everything up to date as soon as possible, but please bear in mind that this is not my work, i'll do my best to keep it up to date.

A rule of thumb is if the tournament appears here the statistics will be updated too, if the tournament appears on the submit page some extra stats might be comming in soon.

How is this information obtained?

The tournament information is collected directly from the respective websites coverage or with the help of the community (submit page to collect info) and information submitted via the user personal tracking (optional include on the metagame). The metagame share is a simple statistic.

Sometimes info is also provided directly to mtgmeta or by user submission.

Individual deck performance takes into account all the deck matches (ignoring mirrors) and vs specific decks only takes into account those matches. Prices are obtained using scryfall to update the card prices in usd.

Where can I know what will be implemented or report bugs?

Small stuff you can always send me an email or use one of the social networks twitter, discord.


Currently doing updates, some information might not be entirely accurate. Check again in a few minutes.

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