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Keep Track of your results

After you register you will be able to add deck(s), match(es), events and get analysis on your results, you can also import your existing matches from your excel file.

Will also be available a tool to help you select your deck according to your expected metagame!

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Get your stats from MTGO (MODO)

You can easily import your matches played on MTGO and get full stats like results and decks and also automatically get the number of turns, mulligans and who played first.

Everyone can do it.

Add decks matches or events

You can create decks associating them with any format and time period. Each deck can have matches or events associated with it.

Each deck or match can have associated info that you can easily check or edit.

You can also import your matches from a csv file (exporting from an .xls file) or even from MTGO.

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Find which deck is the best choice for an event

You own more than one deck and want to know which one take?

You know the expected meta or made adjustments for it versus the bogeyman of the format? You can define that and get the best option to take.

See all the available options!

Reports and statistics charts

Check your global stats, with what you play the most and your evolution over time.

You can also filter for specific decks or periods to get more detailed statistics, like the importance of sideboard, average mulligans and performance versus specific decks.

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Premier events comparison

If you have the decks associated you will also see how your results compare with the results from the premier events.


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