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Announcing TFT Guides – Teamfight Tactics Set 8: Monsters Attack! Tier List and Guides

With the release of Teamfight Tactics Set 8: Monsters Attack! the team here at DotGG would like to formally introduce everybody to TFT Guides, a new competitive Teamfight Tactics community dedicated to the strategy auto battler game by Riot Games. The game runs on the League of Legends client on PC, and also has its own mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Admittedly, the game is looks quite complex and can be very hard to pick up (if not overwhelming) for the first time, with lots of mechanics, items, and champions to get accustomed to. This is where we come in, to provide the best guides for new and advanced players alike.

How do I play the game?

For an introductory tutorial on the game, we suggest you start with these three guides relevant for the current set and get a few games under your belt – mixing and matching items and champions to build a team with synergistic traits.

There are other more advanced guides such as how to Position your units on the board, as well as Scouting other opponents and being aware of what they are building.

Set 8: Monsters Attack! Tier List

We then recommend you check out some common teams that should look to build as a starting point. Each comp has their own infographic guide as well as helpful notes!

Set 8: Monsters Attack! Guides

After you build your first few teams, you should check up on the individual traits and champions in more detail, such as what items to build for them and what their strengths are.

After that’s all done, be sure to browse around the site for more advanced resources such as the Underground Heist Tables that give you a breakdown on what loot you can open – and more coming throughout the set!

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