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MTG Meta April 2022 Update: User Profiles, Deck Clean-up

Welcome to the April 2022 edition of MTG Meta updates! This month, we will be looking at our big deck clean-up project and rolling out our user profile system.

User Profiles

We’re pleased to launch the first version of our user profile system! Register your account now and lock in your username, as you will get your own page on

You can change your picture, link your social media profiles, YouTube and Twitch channel to display on your public profile.

This version comes with the ability to link your profile to your published tournament results as well! Let’s have a look at sandydogmtg‘s profile:

On the first tab, you can see his overall statistics. Second tab, you can see the list of decks he used and match record if any.

If you think that’s cool, create your profile and share it with us on Twitter! More features will be coming soon.

Deck Clean-up

We’ve gone through most of the decks on all of our formats and cleaned up the archetypes. We hope to maintain this better in the future as we look to add more data around the globe – especially now with paper Magic and the Pro Tour returning!

Some notable changes include differentiating the Black Standard midrange and control decks, where the line between them were often blurred.

orzhov midrange
52.7% global win rate
10.28% metagame share
best against
vs selesnya lifegain
87.5% win rate
8 tracked matches
vs naya werewolves
83.3% win rate
6 tracked matches
vs izzet giants
83.3% win rate
6 tracked matches
worst against
vs five-color ramp
28.6% win rate
7 tracked matches
vs temur control
28.6% win rate
21 tracked matches
vs naya aggro
16.7% win rate
6 tracked matches
% global win rate
% metagame share

On another note – thanks to the Legacy community, we will also be looking to include their more accurate MTGO data from their spreadsheet! We will let you know once that is done.

That’s all for this month as we look to refine these projects further!

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